Monday, March 21, 2011


We are homeschooling! At the start of next school year!

Some think we are crazy. *Gasp* Really? Spending ALL day with your children? Why, yes, that DOES sound lovely to me!

I'm a born teacher. It is in my blood, ask my mother. Better yet, ask my sister, the hours she spent practicing school with me... We pay a lot of money for my teaching degree. I endure a lot of anxiety dropping my little kiddos off at school every day. It is heart ache every time I get a note home from school that I need to work on this or that more. Really? I just got them home from being at school ALL day and I just want to be with them! Not drill them on more schooling.

So, yea. This has been on my heart for months. And now I'm knee (or is it neck?) deep in researching curriculum online with a bunch of different publishers. The idea of planning again, and teaching my own children, is just down right exciting.

I am going to journal my thoughts. Even though I am a trained teacher, I am terribly afraid of failing. I am worried about my kids having friends and enjoying playing wither other children. I am worried about them learning to respect other adults other than my husband and I. These were some of the primary reasons that we decided to give public school a try.

I am knee deep and digging through different curriculums to piece together one to fit our family perfectly. I'll totally admit that I am loving it!