Thursday, April 12, 2012

Choosing Confidence, so long doubt!

I started reading A Confident Heart by Renee Swope this week.  I got it for free a few weeks ago for my ereader, and with Sam on break this week and homeschooling lessons on hold while Daddy is home, so I've been reading while nursing the baby.

God impressed on my heart the need to have a Women's Retreat of some sort.  It started out as being just for young mom's on a Saturday morning.  Then I thought, well why not open it up to any woman (or girl!) started the plans of planning a Women's Retreat!  We have booked a local Christian Camp for a Saturday morning and now I'm working to line everything up.  I am learning as I go.  For the last few years, God has also laid it on my heart to speak so I'm also take a leap of faith and going to speak at this retreat! Yikes!  I know! 

This was perfect timing starting to read this book.  I am having a ton of doubt in my ability to do this, but I am constantly CHOOSING to trust.