Friday, August 26, 2011

One week down!

Sam said "You aren't going to do this everyday, right?"

Ah, no.  Isaiah kindly reminded me this week that I hadn't cleaned the toilet yet.  I won't be writing nightly about our experience for the day homeschooling.  Right now I have a basket of clean clothes that are screaming my name to be folded...I won't even think about putting them away for awhile. :)

I greatly underestimated the time commitment.  When people would say, "Oh sometimes the housework has to slide."  I would think to myself, "Seriously?  I wasted so much time when the kids were in school I don't think it could be worse."  Oh it is so different than I had imagined AND I have Sam home with me this week to help.  Plus next week will start our history program plus Isaiah's reading curriculum. 

Today went well, even with spilled cereal in the living room during Isaiah's lessons.  :)  Note to self: cereal with milk in the living room is a big no-no.  We took the kiddos to the skate park and the playground.  What are we going to do when the weather gets cold and they are cooped up inside all day?!?!?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Homeschooling Day #4

I am SO thankful that Sam wants to teach the science part of our day!  The boys really do enjoy it so much! And I get to sit back and is awesome! 

Sorting different characteristics of plants and animals.

Hannah involved in the learning too!
I knew today was going to be more intense, but in T's words "We've had a rough day". Trying to figure out our how to keep everyone else happily entertained while I am schooling with one child has proven difficult!  Hannah just loves to sit on my lap, and there are times when I am with Isaiah when she can't.  This does not make her happy.  Thankfully the kids are so great going with the flow and they don't need perfect peace in the house to learn!  Isaiah's concentration amazes me!

Today also began the more intensive part of Isaiah reading program with the start of blending.  I was very nervous that I was going to mess up the blends in teaching him, thus teaching him wrong.  But we were doing wonderfully by the end of the day.  It is so difficult to see him struggle because I understand all to well as a struggling reader myself.  I so desire to see him succeed, preferably easily!  He does need extra help with reading, but thankfully we have the time to put in the extra work.  With the one on one instruction time I am able to correct and most importantly ENCOURAGE what he does well.

I am praying that we will settle into a routine soon...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Homeschooling Day #3

Lampson Falls

We found a ton of blackberries!  They were so yummy!

There was so much neat stuff to see!
We got up this morning to the pounding of our roof being torn off and replaced, plus Sam had a dentist appointment...which was perfect to get our schoolwork started so we could enjoy lunch at Lampson Falls before the rain came.  Sam and I are so enjoying watching our children learn and being an active part in their education.  Yes yes, I am worried that when this honeymoon phase ends I'll be frustrated and wanting to give up...but that is why I'm recording this stuff so when I want to quite I won't.  The best part?  We don't have to take God out of learning!  He is in EVERY part of our day!

Isaiah was eager to get started first, he always picks math before phonics (just like Daddy!) He is doing so well with understanding math concepts.  I love watching his drive to do his best.  He is mastering letter sounds, and tomorrow we will begin blends.  I believe his least favorite activity right now is writing.  He cringes when I ask him to get his Writing With Phonics book out and I notice that he rushes that work.  Next week starts the reading part of our day which will add another hour or so to his schooling.

As I asked Turner to get his school books from his bin on the shelf, he got his usual giggly smile and said, "Mom, I am going to do my best work today."  And he didn't disappoint!  He seems to always choose phonics first (I say always like I've been doing this longer than 3 days, ha!!)  He did fantastic at hearing the middle sound 'short i' in words!  Math was same/different and number concepts 1-5.

Once we were done with our school work, I packed up our lunch and we headed to the falls.  It was just awesome!  Hannah did great, our stroller lover, walked the whole way!  Isaiah surprised us by walking right up to the edge of the falls (you walk along the side of it to get to the bottom) without any fear!  Hannah and Turner stayed back.  It was breath taking and we just sat back for a moment and marveled at God's creation.  We found a rock that was surrounded by water at the base of the falls and had a great lunch.  After lunch we trekked down the path a bit more which was filled with blackberries (obviously not so traveled!) and pricker bushes. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Homeschooling Day #2

Breakfast started like this from my T-man:
"Mom, I don't like school.  I don't want to do it today."

I knew this day was coming.  I just didn't think it would before the start of our second day.  I'll admit I felt a tad deflated dreading the fight that was coming just around the corner.  My oldest on the other hand could not wait to dig in.

Today's workload was a bit heavier than yesterday.  I told the boys that after school and lunch we would take a walk to the skate park where they could perfect their moves on their scooters.  It was perfect for my T-man to focus on that throughout his work.  Right now my struggle is with keeping my 3 year old happily entertained while I work one on one with the boys.  She is usually right there with me while I do everything, so this is going to be an adjustment for her more than any of us, I think.

We were done by 11:30, even with our science which my husband taught!  (We are dreading him going to back to work in a few weeks when school opens.)  It was wonderful and the questions that the kids asked were awesome!  As we were sitting down for lunch, my oldest son shared with him how much he is enjoying homeschooling and requested to not go back to public school!  I pray that this is his reaction in a few weeks as the reviewing turns to new material and as our workload continues to increase.  I have so enjoyed watching him work so hard on his letter sounds the last two days!  I also talked with T-man over lunch about what I could do to make schooling more enjoyable to him and he suggested that we take the pages out of his book.  Apparently he doesn't like working IN a workbook?  Easy enough!  I don't mind doing that!

T-man using counters to count.

Hannah girl working on coloring and stickers!

I LOVE this! School books on the table, my binder full of lesson plans, kids working happily!  Awesome!!

Isaiah working on his math!
We ended our school day with a 2 hour physical education 'class' walking to the skate park and then to the playground.  We had to drag the kids away. 

Homeschooling Day #1

Well it is in the books!  YAY!  It was rather enjoyable for this teacher, I believe my pupils enjoyed being done by 11 and having the rest of the day to PLAY with each other!  I can't believe how much I can get done one-on-one with the boys!  I was 'trained' to teach a classroom of 20 kids, so this one on one thing is wonderful! 

Using a flashlight to work on letter recognition for T-man and letter sounds for Isaiah with our alphabet on the wall.

Isaiah working in his math book.

T worked on the letter I today! He did so well coloring in the lines!

We are using A Beka for Language Arts and Math, Answers in Gensis for Science "God's Design for Life", and Story of the World for our History program.  Yesterday was just LA and is lesson 1 for science and next week we will start our history program. 

Our plan is to start by 9am daily, but the the kiddos just woke up so it looks like we will be starting a bit later today...and that is OK!  I am looking forward to getting into the full swing of our schedule next week!