Thursday, August 25, 2011

Homeschooling Day #4

I am SO thankful that Sam wants to teach the science part of our day!  The boys really do enjoy it so much! And I get to sit back and is awesome! 

Sorting different characteristics of plants and animals.

Hannah involved in the learning too!
I knew today was going to be more intense, but in T's words "We've had a rough day". Trying to figure out our how to keep everyone else happily entertained while I am schooling with one child has proven difficult!  Hannah just loves to sit on my lap, and there are times when I am with Isaiah when she can't.  This does not make her happy.  Thankfully the kids are so great going with the flow and they don't need perfect peace in the house to learn!  Isaiah's concentration amazes me!

Today also began the more intensive part of Isaiah reading program with the start of blending.  I was very nervous that I was going to mess up the blends in teaching him, thus teaching him wrong.  But we were doing wonderfully by the end of the day.  It is so difficult to see him struggle because I understand all to well as a struggling reader myself.  I so desire to see him succeed, preferably easily!  He does need extra help with reading, but thankfully we have the time to put in the extra work.  With the one on one instruction time I am able to correct and most importantly ENCOURAGE what he does well.

I am praying that we will settle into a routine soon...

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