Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Homeschooling Day #3

Lampson Falls

We found a ton of blackberries!  They were so yummy!

There was so much neat stuff to see!
We got up this morning to the pounding of our roof being torn off and replaced, plus Sam had a dentist appointment...which was perfect to get our schoolwork started so we could enjoy lunch at Lampson Falls before the rain came.  Sam and I are so enjoying watching our children learn and being an active part in their education.  Yes yes, I am worried that when this honeymoon phase ends I'll be frustrated and wanting to give up...but that is why I'm recording this stuff so when I want to quite I won't.  The best part?  We don't have to take God out of learning!  He is in EVERY part of our day!

Isaiah was eager to get started first, he always picks math before phonics (just like Daddy!) He is doing so well with understanding math concepts.  I love watching his drive to do his best.  He is mastering letter sounds, and tomorrow we will begin blends.  I believe his least favorite activity right now is writing.  He cringes when I ask him to get his Writing With Phonics book out and I notice that he rushes that work.  Next week starts the reading part of our day which will add another hour or so to his schooling.

As I asked Turner to get his school books from his bin on the shelf, he got his usual giggly smile and said, "Mom, I am going to do my best work today."  And he didn't disappoint!  He seems to always choose phonics first (I say always like I've been doing this longer than 3 days, ha!!)  He did fantastic at hearing the middle sound 'short i' in words!  Math was same/different and number concepts 1-5.

Once we were done with our school work, I packed up our lunch and we headed to the falls.  It was just awesome!  Hannah did great, our stroller lover, walked the whole way!  Isaiah surprised us by walking right up to the edge of the falls (you walk along the side of it to get to the bottom) without any fear!  Hannah and Turner stayed back.  It was breath taking and we just sat back for a moment and marveled at God's creation.  We found a rock that was surrounded by water at the base of the falls and had a great lunch.  After lunch we trekked down the path a bit more which was filled with blackberries (obviously not so traveled!) and pricker bushes. 

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