Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Homeschooling Day #1

Well it is in the books!  YAY!  It was rather enjoyable for this teacher, I believe my pupils enjoyed being done by 11 and having the rest of the day to PLAY with each other!  I can't believe how much I can get done one-on-one with the boys!  I was 'trained' to teach a classroom of 20 kids, so this one on one thing is wonderful! 

Using a flashlight to work on letter recognition for T-man and letter sounds for Isaiah with our alphabet on the wall.

Isaiah working in his math book.

T worked on the letter I today! He did so well coloring in the lines!

We are using A Beka for Language Arts and Math, Answers in Gensis for Science "God's Design for Life", and Story of the World for our History program.  Yesterday was just LA and Math...today is lesson 1 for science and next week we will start our history program. 

Our plan is to start by 9am daily, but the the kiddos just woke up so it looks like we will be starting a bit later today...and that is OK!  I am looking forward to getting into the full swing of our schedule next week! 

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