Friday, July 19, 2013

A New Creation in Christ

Last night, Sam came down stairs and leaned against the wall by our computer desk.  He has that happy smirk, the one that makes your heart sigh happiness.  He said that our T-man had asked help praying to God, to ask Him to live in his heart. 

Makes your heart happy, right?  Even if he isn't your child?  I can't help but smile as I relive the moment and seeing Sam's face of contentment.  It is our deepest prayer that all of our children would KNOW Him!  T-man loves life, he breathes deep and runs hard.  He has a heart that humbles mine.  I often joke with people that he is the reason why my marriage is rock solid because he makes Sam and I talk parenting all the time.  We talk about ways to fill his love tank and ways to better discipline him and often pray for him.  We have sat next to his hospital bed with tears watching him struggle to breath.  We have prayed until we were so exhausted that we cried.  I have pleaded with God to draw close to him at a young age, because well, T loves life.  I know that if we can channel all his passion for the Lord he will do mighty things for the Kingdom!  Last night was just the start, and I still feel like I am cloud 9!

He has been asking me to go on a date, just him and I, for a few weeks now.  Today for lunch we snuck away from the family and left them to fend for themselves.  I sat and listened to what he loves and his hopes and dreams.  Then I asked him about last night and he shared with me the wonderful details.  It was super sweet and told me why Jesus had to die for him.  I know our time at WOL campground help to prepare him.  I am so grateful!

Sweet Sweet contentment for this Momma's heart! 

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