Thursday, November 20, 2014

Past the 3R's

Welcome to our home, our family!
I am proud of this.  It makes my Momma heart beam with joy.  I also debated on posting it because my 3rd grader wrote this on our chalkboard that everyone sees when they come into our house.  I debated because he isn't where a 3rd grader should be academically.  He struggles with learning.  Even with homeschooling, daily learning is hard for him.  I was fearful of being judged, because I can't get him to where he *should* be.  I feel the pressure  of his struggles.  And I felt terrible, when he called me out so happy about what he had written, when my stomach twisted when I only saw all the spelling errors.  The things we have went over and over and over and over...

Then I stopped myself.  Because sometimes I get so wrapped up in my children learning the academics that I miss the real life stuff.  I like to call them lessons for the heart.  When the academics are long gone when they are done with high school or higher level learning... it is what will remain.  It is the weight on my shoulders that I feel the most.  The weight that causes me to my knees and pray.  Pray for guidance and direction from the Heavenly Father on raising these precious babies for His glory... not mine. 

I stop myself and look at the beauty in this.  This is my son, his heart of hospitality.  His heart to serve and love.  Where addition makes so sense because it doesn't matter.  He is an incredibly hard worker.  He will work with his Dad for hours doing work that would tire any adult.  He has such a gift of hard work and love and care.  He is so special to his Daddy and me. 

So I am leaving this up, as is.  And I am praising God for my precious child who has taught me so much about serving God. 

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