Saturday, May 12, 2012

Just an Ordinary Mother's Day

I nurse the baby.  In my arms, he doesn't seem so much like a baby now.  Just a few months ago he would curl up in my crissed-crossed legs, in my lap, barely there.  Eyes closed, eating.  Now, he stares at me, his legs spilling out of my lap and my arm tires when he decides to take his sweet time. 

His eyes lock in on my mine, and I smile.  Popping off, he smiles back.  I tell him how sweet he is and that I love him.  A year ago, I had no idea he would be joining our family.  And here he is, snuggled in my lap.  He squirms with a smile that is so much says "I love you too, Momma". 

I dream of a Mother's Day break.  I dream of a special day where I am treated like a queen and all is right in the world.  My home is perfectly organized.  And clean.  And not cluttered.  And my kids are all perfectly behaved. 

Then, I drift back to reality.  I hear my boys giggling as they work together to master another level on the Wii.  I look on the sofa to see my daughter tucked under Daddy's arm while he sleeps.  And I look down at my baby, with his eyes still locked on mine.

I've been missing it.  I am treated like a queen.
                                    ...I have 3 princes and 1 princess
I have a messy house...
           ....because children live here.  Children play here.  Children dream here.

I've been missing that my life is a dream.  I get to celebrate Mother's Day this year.  I get my priorities reorganized in my head...  I don't need a special day.  I want Mother's Day to be normal.  I want messy kids because they have been playing in the mud and outside running.  Because they can run.  I want an unorganized house because I walk over toys and step on legos and vacuum up crayons.  My children all have wildly different personalities...and unfortunately their 'not desired' behavior is most like their Momma's.

So, I'm so happy to celebrate my very ordinary mother's day tomorrow.  I am blessed listening to my husband tuck the kiddos in bed...little feet running across the floor with the occasional giggling.

Thank You, Lord.

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