Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Out of the Norm

Our week started off not ideal.  The kids seemed really sluggish and sleepy, I was right there with them!  We had a wonderful weekend of football (the boys had a game in chilly, rainy, windy weather) and family (yay! birthday parties!).  As Sam headed off to work he suggested as the kiddos still lay in their beds sleeping and me snuggled under our blankets that we take a sick day.  The idea intrigued me.  BUT I had the whole week planned and taking a day off would mess up my plan book!  I decided to see what the day held before I made any decisions...by 10am the house was in full swing.  Instead of forcing us to work at the dinning room table I moved our school room into the living room and we completed our lessons on the couch and coffee table.

Believe it or not, the kids totally loved that we changed up our day!  We didn't get school work done till 4pm, but we did get it done!  We took our time, played, relaxed, and NAPPED!  Yes, napped.  It was so delightful!  I noticed a huge difference in my mood.  I'm struggling with how relaxed I can be while not compromising their educations.  It is such a balance!

Today we had T's pulmonologist appointment so I had planned for school to be off today.  Which is something of an oxymoron when your mother is your teacher, right T?  I had him working on numbers (his absolute least favorite) while we waited in the exam room by using the calendar on the wall. We also worked on before and after (yesterday and tomorrow) using the same calendar.  Then to keep him from using the doctor's stool that is on wheel's as a race vehicle I pulled out my calculator and we worked on number using that!  I have such an advantage knowing what they are learning, and more so, what they are struggling with so I can work on those areas all throughout the day.  Poor kids, right?!?!

The last few days have been not so traditional for me, but they have been so much fun!

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