Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I have been looking forward to this post all week, to record the praises...what God has been doing in my life!

As a child of the King of Kings, I should be ready to give an account at all times of what He is doing in my life TODAY.  And I love that Thursday's are a day for me to sit and reflect over what He has been doing in my life, in the lives of my children, and in my heart. we go!!!!!!!

1.  The kids have amazing doctors.  Our pediatrician flat out rocks.  And T's specialist for his asthma is wonderful.  He listened and took all my concerns seriously this week.  He and his staff have been wonderful with T...and instead of taking him to 2 hours away every 3 months, they have an office that they come to monthly an hour from us.

2.  I am thankful for friends that will help me out and watch my other kiddos so I don't have to try and keep everyone happy when I take one to the doctors.

3.  I am thankful for the forgiveness of my children when I blow it as a mom.  I am thankful for the forgiveness of my husband when I blow it as a wife.  I am thankful for the forgiveness of a friend when I blow it as a friend.

4.  Listening to my oldest sing "Sing, Sing, Sing" and "Jesus, Messiah" while in the shower with all his heart.

5.  The heart of my T-man.  He is so concerned about people having Jesus in their hearts.

6.  A friend who is driven towards holiness and isn't afraid to speak the truth with me.

7.  My parents.  Who are willing to watch my kiddos so I can date my husband this weekend!  I absolutely can't wait.  Plus, we get to spend time with them.  And Dad comes every Tuesday for dinner while he works in town.  I'm so grateful to spend time with them, as are my children!!

8.  God's Word, always alive.  Always changing me (when I, ahem, allow it too!)  Always TRUE. 

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