Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thankful Thrusday

This morning I am blown away by the hearts of my children.  I am so thankful that God trusted Sam and I to raise these little people on this side of heaven.  My absolute favorite part of homeschooling is the fact that I get to spend a good chunk of time studying the Bible with the kids in the morning.  We spend time reading Scripture, then pour over it.  Talk about it, ask questions, tuck it in our hearts.  We work on committing sections to memory.  This has cemented homeschooling into our future.

This morning has been by far my most treasured precious moment.  I need to record it while it is still fresh in my mind, and while I am still sitting here letting the words of my sweet children just soak into my heart, just marveling at their hearts.  I started reading from Psalm 27 and stopped after the first verse and we talked about the Lord being our stronghold and that we have nothing to fear because God has us held tightly in His hand if we believe in Him. We talked about people that will do evil, and we may be in the path of it.  Then we talked about how the Chapter tells us to NOT be afraid.  There is no need to be fear with Jesus in our hearts.

We parked on this verse and read it through a few gives me chills just reading through it again...

Psalm 27:4
One thing have I aske do fhte Lord,
that will I seek after:
that I may dwell in the house of the Lord
all the days of my life,
to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord
and to inquire in his temple.

Then we talked about Jesus being a gate of protection around us.  There is nothing to fear with Jesus as our gate.  The heart of our Turner is so humbling for this Mommy.  He immediately, without a second thought, asked about those around the outside of the gate.  He asked if he could tell those people who don't have Jesus in their hearts so they could BELIEVE in Him (Romans 10:14-15) and come into the gate of protection of Jesus.  He started listing people he could tell.  Isaiah looked at him and said, "But Turner, isn't that scary to tell them?"  And T gave Isaiah a look that totally said, "Seriously?"  He replied, "No, not at all, what is there to be afraid of?"

And this pregnant Momma is weeping AGAIN, just writing it the heart of this child.  A child.  He has less fear over sharing the Gospel then most adults, his mother included.  Oh Lord, let his passion rub off on me!!

And today, I am thankful that I get to share these moments with my children.  I'm rejoicing that they firmly believe in Christ, the RISEN Savior.  I am praising the LORD that they are within the protecting gate of Jesus.  

Tissues, anyone?  I'll take a few now.  Well, maybe a whole box.  Grandma's I'm sure could use a few too :)

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Sues said...

Beautiful!!!!! Bawling with you!!!